Does your hard drive hold two minutes of the best dry fly eats anyone’s ever seen? Do you have a secret stash of world-class fish porn? Have you recently captured a ruckus fly fishing road trip on camera? Does the Blair Witch haunt your local carp pond?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or just need an excuse to dive into a new project, this is your chance to show us your Short Shorts!

Disclaimer: The F3T is not actually interested in your personal style choices or the length of your pants. We’re just looking for some (really) short films.

In addition to the standard F3T selections (which generally run 8-18 minutes) we’re looking for some mini motion pictures that capture humor, adventure, comradery or all of the above in under five minutes.  Up to four (4) of the best entries (hand-picked by a panel of esteemed judges and water-logged fish bums) will be included in the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour. In addition to inevitable world-wide acclaim and prestige, each Short Shorts selectee will receive $3,000 to offset production costs courtesy of F3T title sponsors, Costa, Simms and Yeti.

Think your Short Shorts have what it takes? Awesome. Dive into the contest rules and instructions below for more details. Good luck!

The Nitty Gritty:

What is the deadline for submission?
As with all 2018 F3T submissions, the deadline for Short Shorts entries is October 31, 2017.

When will I know if my short has been selected?
All Short Shorts selected for the 2018 F3T will be notified by November 22nd, 2017.

How do I enter?
Email with a brief description of your short and a private link and password to your entry on Vimeo or YouTube.

What if my film is already public?
Submissions need to be be original content that has not yet been released via the internet, television or other public means.

How short should it be?
Short Shorts submissions must be under five (5) minutes in length.

What format should I use?
Submissions should be shot and edited at 24fps in 1920×1080 and delivered in any native HD format (.mp4, .mov, etc.).

Can I use Led Zepplin for my soundtrack?
Not unless Jimmy Page gives you the green light. All entries must have all copyrighted materials cleared and documented. Maybe your buddy’s band or a bad ass local DJ will let you use their jams.

Can I solicit sponsors for my short?
The Short Shorts contest is intended to attract soul projects, gritty creativity, spontaneous fly fishing fun caught on film… not the larger budget projects that often require outside support. Aside from help from your local fly shop these should be unsponsored efforts. Feel free to include the logo/website of your local shop and your own personal logo/website in the opening or closing credits.

If my film is selected, when will I receive a check?
Up to four (4) Short Shorts will be selected for inclusion in the 2018 F3T and each receive their $3,000 compensation in December, 2017.

What about profit sharing or iTunes revenue?
Unlike standard F3T selections, Short Shorts selectees will receive cash in advance of the tour so they won’t be eligible for a share of F3T ticket sales revenue or iTunes royalties. Selected Short Shorts will only be included in the 2018 F3T on iTunes with filmmaker permission.

If my short is selected by the F3T, when can I release it publicly on my website, social, Vimeo page, etc?
You’re welcome to release your short publicly after May 30th, 2018.

Can I enter my short in other Fly Fishing Film events?
In order to be eligible for the F3T we ask that you don’t enter your short in any other fly fishing film events during the 2018 calendar year.