2021 Virtual Event: Q&A

The 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour is going digital to keep our audiences around the globe safe as we get closer to eradicating Covid-19.  The 2021 Virtual Event begins Wednesday, March 10th and is available until Sunday, April 4th. Complete with prize giveaways and special guests, we’ve pulled all the stops to bring the full event into your home.

We’ve compiled some common questions about this event:

How do I attend the virtual event? You can go to our ticketing page here to see buy your online tickets via Active Pass Membership, directly online via our website, or support your local fly shops with discounted tickets available in-store only. All participating fly shop locations are listed here. All ticket holders and household pass attendees will be provided entry to the National Tour prize giveaways.

How can I get my local fly shop to participate? We are always on the lookout to partner with new fly shops and add new cities to our tour. Please have your local fly shop owner email Sanford Anthony (santhony@pocketoutdoormedia.com) so we can get them setup as a ticket seller.

How long can I watch? The event will be live and available anytime between Wednesday, March 10th at 6pm EST (Eastern Standard Time- USA) through Sunday, April 4th at 11:55pm MST. You can watch the film at your convenience, any time, within the window of March 10th at 6pm EST through April 4th at 11:55pm MST, as long as you are accessing the event from the one linked device on the same I.P. address (i.e. location, wifi network, ethernet, etc.) that you initially logged in from (linking begins when we go live at 7pm EST on March 10th), you may start/pause/restart/rewatch at any time until April 4th at 11:55pm MST.

Can I buy anytime during the event? Yes, anytime through Sunday, April 4th at 6:00pm MST.

Do I have to watch live on the 10th at 6pm EST? Nope. You can watch at your convenience. We are going live on the 10th at 6pm EST but you can watch at your convenience during the event through April 4th at 11:55pm MST. Just be sure to watch the whole thing before 11:55pm MST, Sunday April 4th, when the show will be taken down.

Can I share this with my family outside of my household? Unfortunately, not this year. This event is limited to one device per ticket. We are working on offering future online events to larger audiences, but this is the best we can do while keeping our content safe for 2021.

I’m having trouble accessing the show. I keep getting asked to buy a new ticket or to request a new access code with “Get Code” on screen. This event ticket gets linked to the first device and I.P. address you used to “Attend Online” or “Attend Online With This Ticket”. If you have previously hit those buttons/links on a different device than the one you are using now or you have moved to a new network (wifi/ethernet/cell tower/etc.) the device you used in that location is permanently linked to this show. You’ll need to go back to the first device you used or submit a request for a one time reset code sent to the ticket purchaser’s email address. You won’t be able to access the films via any other device. Make sure to choose carefully when you first access the show. This is a necessary evil to protect the content from being shared illegally. We understand this is inconvenient but please understand we aren’t a massive company like Netflix. We need to protect our film from being shared so we can live to fight another day. We appreciate your understanding during this Digital Event year.

I bought an Active Pass and can’t find my link to the show. Once you’ve logged in to your new Active Pass account, you’ll be asked to set up your preferences. You can pick your free magazine subscription, customize your “My Feed” section, order your free books, and more. When you are ready to watch the 2021 F3T, navigate to the “person” icon in the top right and hit “My Perks”. Then go to “Events & Courses”and scroll down to “Redeem Promo Code” for the show. That should get you direct access to the show. Or hit up Active Pass support at: support@pocketoutdoormedia.com

I bought an Active Pass and started watching the show but now I’m locked out and being asked to request an Access Code (“Get Code”). Please send an email to f3t@pocketoutdoormedia.com with your ticket url so we can help you regain access.

I’m having trouble finding my ticket/link after purchasing? First, don’t worry. You aren’t missing anything. When we get you logged in, you can start from the beginning.

Did you enter your email on the registration page? This was the very next page after you submitted your credit card info. If not, your confirmation email should have an “Add Guest Info” link on it. You’ll need to enter your own email address so the ticket is emailed to you. That should do the trick. Please check your junk mail folder just in case the confirmation email went there.

Otherwise, you’ll need to get in touch with Eventgroove who are the platform hosting the event. They can help walk you through the process and ensure you get your link.

Also, once you find the page, look for a blue link saying “Attend Event” in the body of the email. That’s the actual ticket to the event. Once on the event page, you’ll need to hit “Click Here To Get Your Online Link Now”. Now you’re in the show.

Worst case, Eventgroove can be reached at 1-888-509-1060 or support@myeventscenter.com during normal business hours.

How do I cast to my Smart TV? Here are some keys that have worked for us:

First, make sure your wifi and Bluetooth services are on. If you are looking to cast to a Smart TV, ensure you are on the same wifi network as the device you are using to login to the event.

Aircast on an Apple computer or phone/tablet: Once you open the film on your phone/computer/tablet, find the Screen Mirroring function on your device. For an iPhone, swipe up the invisible menu from the bottom of the screen to the top to reveal Screen Mirroring on the latest OS. For a Mac Computer, click the icon on the top right of your computer shown here and then select Screen Mirroring.

Other notable casting or screen mirroring icons to look for on your devices are these…

Click these buttons (see above photo) to find available devices. If your Smart TV is set up correctly, you should find it on a list of available devices. Click the device and you should be able to watch the film on the large screen!

Here are some more helpful resources for screen casting:

“How to Cast: A Quick Start Guide” 

“Cast Video To Your Android TV” 

This virtual event will have all the key parts that any of our events have, including swag giveaways, raffles, special guests, and opportunities to support our conservation and non-profit partners. Raffle prizes for the show come form our partners Simms Fishing Products, Yeti Coolers, Costa Sunglasses, Ross Reels, Scientific Anglers, Thomas, and Thomas Fly Rods, Oskar Blues Brewing Company, Adipose Boatworks, and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. Buy tickets here.