R.A. Beattie Launches New Studio and Latest DVDs

For nearly ten years R.A. Beattie’s work has anchored The F3T, pairing fly fishing stories and cinema at a level that few in the space have attained. Beattie Outdoor Productions films have transported anglers from theater seats to Mongolia, Alaska, the far reaches of the Yukon and many a location that most couldn’t find on a map, let alone reach in person.



This year R.A., along with a talented troop of young guns, including F3T alum Jako Lucas, videographer Steven Yochum and photographer Austin Trayser, will expand his media offerings into brand development and collaborative content management via the newly hatched Off The Grid Studios (OTG).

“We’re a misfit group of creatives with ties across the fashion, music and outdoor industries,” says Beattie. “We’ve developed a wealth of experience and technical skills and are going to put that together helping brands to better tell their stories”.

For Beattie and crew the studio’s title is not just hip word play, it’s a description of the solar-powered command post in Central Oregon from which they’ll look to “merge storytelling, cutting-edge technology, art and sustainability.” In it’s secluded location, a stone’s throw from the Crooked River, the OTG headquarters is designed to let ideas run wild like the dogs and stock that also call it home.


They’ll be taking the Off the Grid Studio concept on the road later this year, with the development of a new OTG mobile trailer, named “Lola.” The team is currently revamping a vintage 60’s airstream, crafting the iconic silver bullet into a “green” state of the art studio. The studio will be completed by August, and be equipped with editing bays, a recording studio and or course ample room for fishing gear. You can follow Lola’s progress online at beattieproductions.com.

The studio’s batteries will be taxed heaviest this fall as the OTG team returns from upcoming shoots throughout North and South America. “We’ll be working on several client projects and some really cool stuff for the 2016 F3T,” says Beattie. “This will be my tenth year submitting a film and I know what we’ve got planned is really unique… including some stuff that’s rarely, if ever been captured on film.”



While you await the latest from R.A. and his posse, and the arrival of the 2016 F3T, you can check out his past work online. His 2015 F3T hit, Carpland as well as a compilation of past films (Scorpion Expedition, The Arctic, La Frontera Norte and Mongolia) entitled Fish Tails just dropped on DVD and are available now via The F3T’s online shop.