2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour: Filmmaker’s Gallery


Fly Lords and American Museum of Fly Fishing Production

Downunder-Tassie to Cope

An Aussie Fly Fisher Production

Directed by Josh Hutchins

Cosmoledo Junkie

A Flyfish Adventures-Production

Directed by Helmut Zaderer and Yngve Ask

Relentless Pursuit

Captain Jack Productions

Directed by Jako Lucas

Baja Lines

KGB Productions

Directed by Chris Kitchen

The Whitewater

Beattie Outdoors and Off the Grid Studios

Directed by RA Beattie and Will Phelps

Machaca-A Botanical Tale

Tropical Fly Collective

Directed by Thomas Enderlin and Federico Hampl


Van-O-White Productions

Directed by Paul Nicoletti



This article originally appeared in the 2020 edition of Stonefly Magazine.