The Lefty Kreh Youth Film Category

The Braker Brothers: The Lefty Kreh Youth Film Category Winners

Lefty Kreh was, and still is arguably the most influential person in the fly fishing space. His technical ability was surpassed only by his love for teaching. His credo was “knowledge is to be shared, not displayed.”  A native of Maryland, he spent much of his time fishing locally and has a trail named after him that runs along the Big Gunpowder Falls in Maryland.  In honor of Lefty, we started a new category as an award that recognizes young filmmakers in the fly fishing space.

Andy Braker and his brother Eric are two Maryland natives that grew up fly fishing for striped bass in the salt and trout further up the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Their love for fly fishing grew parallel with their love for storytelling and photography. Out of an intense love for their home water and passion for conservation they set out to create “A Journey Upstream,” which highlights how the interconnectedness of two seemingly unrelated species can help us determine the health of a gigantic, dynamic watershed–The Chesapeake Bay. It’s a deeply personal film and a true reflection of their love for the sport. Lefty would be proud.

The boys grew up fishing from the very same trail that Lefty blazed. They put together an amazing short film about the award and what it means to them.  We also had a chance to sit down with Andy and Eric to chat more about the film and how it came to be. You can find their interview here. We’re proud to honor them with this award.

We look forward to seeing more content from the next generation of filmmakers in the years to come. For more coverage on the Braker Brothers and their film, you can also check out the Flylords “Behind The Lens” series.