Meet The Crew

Paul Nicoletti @pablonicoletti

Nickname? Pablo and Pauly Delight
Days on the water? 150+
Hometown? Ridgefield, CT
Bucket list location? Bolivia
Doppelganger? Sanford Anthony
Last book I read? Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey
Would you rather be a host of a game show or star in a soap opera? Star in a soap opera as an amateur rapper.

Rex Messing  @rexmess

Nick Name? Sexy Rexy. The Rex Offender. Old Man. Rexit.
Days on the Water? 150+
Hometown? Ridgefield, CT
How you’d describe yourself? Half British, half busted.
Former collegiate athlete that is now thru 7 seasons guiding. Fly fishing for 20 years
Bucket List location? Seychelles
Favorite trout species and why? Brook trout. Some of the first trout I was able to target and catch for myself in Northern Maine. That place has a special place in my heart.
Favorite species? Steelhead
Would you rather always have decaf coffee or non-alcoholic beer? Decaf coffee

Sanford Anthony @sanford.anthony412

Nickname? Sandblaster
Annual days on the Water? 150+
Hometown? Cumming, Georgia
How you’d describe yourself? Beaten down, battered and fried.
Favorite Trout Species? Alaskan Rainbow Trout
Last book I read?  Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose
Bucket list destination? South Island, New Zealand
Doppelganger? Mario

Ebon Robinson

Nickname: Ebby
Annual days on the water? 120+
Hometown? American Falls, ID
Weirdest snack you’ve ever made? Breakfast pizza
Last book I read: Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer
Favorite species of fish? West slope ‘Cutties” (Cutthroat)
Bucket list location? North Island, New Zealand
If you were to bring back any deceased historical figure from the past to be your friend, who would it be?  Hemingway
If you could promote any product on an infomercial, what would it be? Squirmels