Tetiaroa: Exploring The Promise Land

Tetiaroa: Exploring The Promise Land

Tetiaroa is located in the South Pacific and is part of the Windward Society Islands. In the 1960’s it was purchased by Marlon Brando and served as his private island. The Brando Resort opened in 2014 on the Atoll of Tetiaroa and in conjunction with Fly Oddysey and the Tetiaroa Society anglers are allowed to fish and participate in research programs with the Bonefish and Giant Trevally that patrol the flats there. Throughout its history, the atoll has faced very little fishing pressure.

Having heard tales of this promising fishery, Josh Hutchins, the Aussie Fly Fisher, was determined to get there. Armed with a crew of friends, they set out to the Polynesian atoll with dreams of big bonefish and overly aggressive GT’s.


BEHIND THE LENS – Flylords Interview
Flylords sat down with two of the people behind Tetiaroa: cinematographer Kane Chenoweth, and the Aussie Fly Fisher himself, Josh Hutchins.


Flylords: What is uniquely special about Tetiaroa?

Josh: Before starting this project, I had heard stories about a place in French Polynesia. An island with amazing natural beauty, interesting history, and massive Giant Trevally (GT) and Bonefish. Among the long list of things that makes Tetiaroa unique is the fact that these fish have little to no fishing pressure. If I had to guess, I would say that these fish  see very few anglers each year. With this being the case, anglers have an opportunity to catch some of the biggest GT’s and Bones you can imagine… and they aren’t afraid to eat.

Flylords: What was your favorite part about filming this piece?

Kane: I think my favorite part about filming this piece was the unknown…

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