Tribute to Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh was a world traveler, journalist, and highly influential figure in both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. Those who knew Lefty understand that his impression will never fade, and those who didn’t have the opportunity to meet him can still learn about the countless contributions he made to the sport at a time when good lines, reels and flies didn’t exist.

A trailblazer of his time, Lefty’s fly-casting technique was foundational in bringing new anglers into the sport. No pattern was ever good enough for Lefty, and his love for innovation helped pioneer hundreds of advancements in the sport that can now be found on display at The American Museum of Fly Fishing.

Beyond his endless contributions to the sport, the fundamental principles that he lived by are equally, if not more, important than the dozens of books, articles and videos created throughout his life. As his close friend Flip Pallot fondly remembers, “People feel that way because of the way Lefty treated them, greeted them, remembered their name, remembered the name of their child. Lefty started giving back the moment he was introduced to you.”

Lefty’s character and unwavering love for sharing his passion with the world was foundational in building the community we all cherish today, and it’s timelier than ever to celebrate his life. As a new generation of anglers discover fly fishing, we encourage you to celebrate Lefty’s legacy with us.

Join us for the 2020 virtual Fly Fishing Film Tour on August 27th as we hear from his close friends, Blane Chocklett and Flip Pallot, talk in an exclusive interview about his stories, contributions to the sport, and life philosophies. Thanks to The American Museum of Fly Fishing, Flylords, Blane and Flip for helping us share Lefty’s legacy with the world.

“Through our entire relationship, all the years, he never preached. And he never asked for anything back except, do something for somebody else. That’s the only thing that he ever asked for.” – Flip Pallot on his friend Lefty Kreh