Affiliate Payment Portal


By choosing from the option box below you can use a credit card to make payments for your Affiliate event. You simply identify each of the items ordered for your event, add them to the cart and proceed to checkout. Shipment costs where needed are included in the price. On checkout a flat fee of $5.00 will be applied to cover handling costs. Please note that this fee is independent of the number of items in the cart.

A deposit is required prior to setting up every event. Please select the $250 option and proceed to checkout.

The event fee balance is required on receipt of an invoice sent out within 7 days after completion of the event. Please select the final balance of $650 or $1,250 depending on the event you chose.

Payment of all optional extras is required at the same time as the event fee balance and these will be itemized on the final invoice. Select the amount pertaining to those you have chosen.

For those of you who have opted to pay for the full fee upfront simply add both the deposit and the fee balance to the cart and proceed to checkout.



  1. Promo Video: $100 | Hats (x12): $120 | Deposit : $250 | Final Balance: $600 | Final Balance: $650 | Final Balance: $1250 | Full Event: $900 | Full Sponsor: $1500 | Deluxe package: $250 | Premium Package: $500


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