Eric Jackson and Vantage Cinema present a story about fly-fishing, snowboarding and searching for alignment in the mountains.
Filmed on location in Northern BC, Alignment features Eric Jackson, John Jackson, Curtis Ciszek, Darcy Bacha and friends as they explore wild rivers and epic mountains while spending an entire season living in a cabin outside Terrace, British Columbia.
Eric Jackson was first introduced to Northern BC 13 years ago while shooting a snowboard movie with Standard Films. Although he was immediately blown away with the quality of terrain the area had for snowboarding, it wasn’t until a few years later when he began traveling to the area to fish that he realized this was his favorite place on earth.
It was through this journey the concept of Alignment was realized. Fishing became more than just a pass time, it became a method to recharge from the inherently dangerous and gnarly aspects of backcountry snowboarding and prepare mentally for new challenges ahead.
It was with this in mind that Eric packed up his truck and headed north to commit an entire season to snowboarding and fishing alongside his friends and brother with the goal of finding a balance in the mountains.
Shot and mastered entirely in 4K, breathtaking cinematography and a killer soundtrack accompany the crew on a journey to up their level of riding by finding a balance between the rawness of snowboarding and tranquility of fly-fishing.