Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon tells the story of Rankin Jackson’s struggle to provide for his family while surviving the push of the drug trade and ultimately how fly fishing revealed his road to redemption.

Guanaja, Honduras is a remote paradise riddled with many struggles. Hurricanes, poverty, political instability, drug wars, lack of health care, and corruption are constant hardships experienced by its 15,000 islanders. Guanaja is largely void of opportunity and islanders live off the land and sea. Unregulated and overfished, the vibrant marine life around Guanaja suffers beyond the point of attracting tourists, beyond the point of sustainability. Islanders live in poverty while the natural resource continues to diminish. While many species of fish have been decimated in Guanaja from over fishing, the most valuable one of all has thrived against all odds, the elusive saltwater fly-fishing prize: the permit. Guanaja is blessed with a valuable permit fishery and while islanders previously ate them, a catch and release ethic has organically blossomed from the presence of a small fly lodge: Fly Fish Guanaja. As a result of fly fishing, new opportunities and sources of income are developing each day for the small community of islanders.
Guanaja and the surrounding Caribbean is decorated with glorious and devastating war stories dating before pirate days through the current drug empire. Man’s Caribbean treasure has gone from gold to cocaine to the mighty permit. 10 years ago Rankin found himself with the opportunity to work at Fly Fish Guanaja, sleeping in a hammock near the lodge to guard the boats. He rapidly developed as a fly fisherman and today is regarded as one of the greatest fly guides in all of Honduras.

During his time in the Cartel, Rankin learned of a set of hidden keys to the east; Cayos Cajones. For 10 years he has been telling friend and boss, Steve Brown, of the legends whispered beneath the surface. Cayos Cajones are surrounded by seemingly endless miles of permit and bonefish rich flats, but he region is imprisoned by conflicts stemming from drugs, pirates, and hostile indigenous groups. Until recently a journey was deemed too treacherous. Finally, in 2017 the plans were struck and the mission moved forward. The mission to venture Beyond the Horizon.