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The Selfish Generation

  • Australia

The Selfish Generation explores the exhilaration and fragility of Atlantic Salmon fishing during the trip of a lifetime, as a group of diehard anglers and young protégé’s visit Russia’s remote and revered Yokanga River. Located deep in the Kola Peninsula, the remoteness and ruggedness of this recently established fishery is reflected in the power and size of its legendary Salmon. We hear from the pioneers who established fishing on the
Yokanga; the mythical stories of monsters, wilderness and untapped sporting potential that inspired a generation. It encourages a sense of urgency, examining a loving but problematic relationship with an entire species at risk of extermination. At the centre of the trip are young anglers Ollie and Otto, hopeful representations of what the next
generation needs to embody; a respect and responsibility for the environment not just for fishing, but for the planet. The Yokanga delivers on its reputation when young Otto hooks into a giant, exploding into the hardest battle his guides have ever witnessed. Starring Otto laine, Olli laine Alexey Strulistov, John Horlock, David Lambert, Matt
Harris and Jasper Paakkonen, this film is a visually beautiful insight to the best of fly fishing.

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