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Update for 2023. We will be ready to start booking independently promoted shows on January 9th. Please submit your info form below to be contacted about availability in your market.

Note for returning promoters: We have decided to start the 2023 tour later in the year, on/after March 2nd. This will allow our team more time to prepare the tour while the filmmakers finish editing films. As such, we will be announcing plans and information about the 2023 I.P. Program around Jan. 10th. Feel free to place holds with your venues for dates post-March 2nd, keeping in mind the market availability may be taken by the National Tour or a previous I.P. in good standing. We will be in touch with all our previous promoters very, very soon. Thank you for your understanding as we change the time of year that we normally are in contact. – The F3T


Our Independent Promotions (I.P.) Program allows community organizers to raise funds and awareness for your cause, chapter, or business by hosting your own F3T premiere.

It’s up to you to select and book an appropriate venue that will allow you to be compliant with your local and state regulations.  If you already know your audience well, and think they’d like to see the F3T in their town, you can plan, promote and produce your event in just a few weeks.

Most shows will be accompanied by a Raffle Package, provided by our gracious sponsors. 2023 details are coming soon.

Each show will be customized to ensure you can host a safe and successful event. If you’re interested in bringing the best fly fishing films on the planet to your town, simply fill out this INFO FORM (it will download) and email it to We’ll be in touch in JANUARY 2023 with info about the 2023 program. We are not currently in the office so please give us plenty of time to respond, or write to for a reply when we check in on email. 

We are happy to walk you through some of the ways to host safe and successful events. We are here to help ensure a successful event.

Helpful Tools:

Checklist/Timeline for Hosts

Requirements for Hosting an I.P. Show

Run of Show

Working with us comes with benefits

The ULTIMATE PROGRAM for fundraising opportunity and delivering localized awareness.

Host your own unique show, exclusive to your market!

Benefits Include: Increased Membership, Access to Like-Minded Outdoorsmen, Increased Database, Local Awareness, Fundraising, Raffles, Door Prizes, Silent Auctions, National Advertising, Custom Posters and Flyers, Email Marketing, Online Ticketing, Swag and Much More!

Work with the biggest names, the best films, the most established brand, the original and world’s largest… Fly Fishing Film Tour.

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND- inquiries should be directed to our licensee for these territories, Adventure Entertainment. or HERE

Other International- Contact us, we have a variety of new international options for the 2023 year.

Contact Us:  The F3T staff is just about to launch the 2023 tour. You can send us an email at and we will get back to you asap.