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4 of a Kind – Official selection of the 2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour
Produced by: Costa Films and Livit Films
Location: Oman, Arabian Sea

Species: Saltwater, Africanus Permit

Fly fishing has brought Oliver White and Jako Lucas to the farthest reaches of the globe in search of countless species, uncharted waterways and adventure. The abundance of stamps in their passports may only be surpassed by that of the stories they’ve collected along the way; tales of triumph, connections and, sometimes, misadventure.

To some, it may seem that Oliver and Jako have ‘done it all’. This film debunks that notion, chronicling their quest to do something neither has yet to accomplish: complete the permit slam. Having both caught three of the four widely known species of permit to date, “4 of a Kind” follows these two friends as they travel to Oman in pursuit of the Africanus, their fourth and final permit species.

With its arid desert climate and dramatic rock faces, Oman’s coastline abruptly meets the turquoise, turbulent waters of the Arabian Sea, home to this elusive saltwater species. A relatively unknown challenge for most fly anglers, the Africanus and its unique environment plays with a stacked deck against this seasoned duo. Watch Oliver and Jako play their hand to see whether or not they have what it takes to hit “4 of a Kind.”

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