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2024 Fly Fishing Film Tour Official Film Selections

The 2024 Fly Fishing Film Tour is here with an all new official selection of films! Plus this year as well as our National Tour Selection that will screen at all National Tour Stops we have an expanded selection of films available for our tour hosts to screen around the country. This means for the first time, our hosts have the opportunity to customize films to their individual fly fishing communities and we can support more filmmakers. Enjoy!

2024 Rise F3T (NZ) Official Trailer

2024 Trailer



Lael Johnson, Steelhead guide, navigates Washington waters while unpacking challenges faced throughout his youth and present day.

What Lies Above


What Lies Above is a film that tells the story of a unique change in feeding behaviour of permit along the Yucatan Peninsula.

Only the Salmon Know


For the past 15 years, Fred Campbell has traveled relentlessly across eastern Canada to fly fish for Atlantic salmon.

Transitions – The Bow


This short film features Kate Wilson, her husband and friends, as they seek out to make the most out of the spring ‘shoulder’ season in search of large brown trout, in between turns up at the local ski hill.

A Line in the Sand


The island of Andros is a pristine ecosystem, with the largest freshwater source in the Bahamas, massive mangrove shoreline, of the world’s largest barrier reefs, and a legendary bonefish habitat.


Note Official Tour Selections are available for our independent show hosts to screen in local communities. Not all films will play in each location.

I’ll Wait Here Forever

Fly Fishing for permit is like waiting at the DMV.” Eeland Stribling has been lucky enough to travel the world for all kinds of fish but there’s one fish where his luck has run out. Follow Eeland’s adventure through Mexico as he learns what waiting means.


The window of freedom for a full time guide to hit the water and land a fish of their own is short. Much similar to the life of a mayfly…Early May in Michigan brings one of the more finicky but fruitful hatches for those dedicated to big brown trout…the Hendrickson hatch. Follow along as fly guide, Westley Allen spends cherished off time waiting for the moon to rise and the bugs to fall…


Sarah started fly fishing 12 years ago when she met Tobias. Little did she know that not only would it redirect her life, it would come to define it. Half a decade of bumming around in a four by four in Patagonia solidified her destiny, but it wasn’t until she dived head first into the rabbit hole of Atlantic Salmon fly fishing that she realised there was no way back from there.


We all have questions about our past. Why are we the way we are?

What happens when a family relic shows up out of nowhere and turns into a guiding light for a possible answer to that question?

Ray Cameron has been fishing his entire life, but over the past few years he has learned so much more than he ever expected.

About fishing. About his family. About himself.


Bitter Water is a short film shot over the past year in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The film highlights the story of the Lucero family, a multi-generational fishing family that has adapted to a changing industry by embracing fly fishing. The passion and dedication to both fishing and the fishery itself is portrayed by Israel, a master fly fishing guide whose family has fished the Sea of Cortez for generations.
In southern Baja, the Lucero’s lives have been interwoven with fishing for generations. A commercial and subsistence fishery has evolved into a region focused on pesca- tourism with saltwater fly fishing at the core. Bitter Water traces the braided lines of necessity, tradition, and passion at the heart of this story.


Cayo Santa Gaspe is a comedy story based on Étienne, a purist salmon fishing guide with all the stereotypes that surround the character. Following a slightly too drunken evening, Étienne wakes up on an island in the middle of nowhere where he meets Andrew, a striped bass flats fishing junky. This event will turn his life, his career and his passion for salmon fishing upside down…This film is the Hollywood of fly fishing films, get ready!