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Sabalo – Official selection of the 2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour
Directed by:Helmut Zaderer
Produced by:Flyfish Adventures and Black Fly Eyes Media
Location: Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

Species: Tarpons, Permits and Bonefish

There are several reasons why the Austrian fisherman Helmut Zaderer comes back to Cuba every year. He has been fishing in salt water for many years in the best places in the world but Jardines de la Reina – a protected marine park without commercial fisheries at the Cuban Caribbean East Coast – is one of his favorite places to fish. There are few spots like this anymore – no boats, ships and tourists – untouched nature, healthy corals and lots of fish instead.

In May 2022 Helmut went there with his videographer Vaidas Uselis especially for creating this unique film about Tarpon fishing. In Jardines de la Reina there are usually big schools of these fascinating upto 100 pound powerful fish on the flats. In SABALO – that’s how the Cubans call the Tarpons – you’ll see how fascinating flyfishing in this great area can be.


Helmut Zaderer is a flyfisherman through and through. His passion for fishing started when he was a little kid – he’s always accompanied his father at fishing the clear icecold mountain streams in Tyrol/Austria where Helmut grew up and still lives with his family. He practiced a lot and gained his fishing skills over the years in Austria until he started flyfishing at international waters approximately 10 years ago. As a passionate, ambitious person he quickly soaked up as much information he could and gained many skills in a very short time. Nowadays he is travelling all over the world for his biggest passion – with Flyfish Adventures he creates his own diaries and shares his experiences with a larger audience and especially his flyfishing friends.

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