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Steves Red – Official selection of the 2023 Fly Fishing Film Tour
Directed by: Ben Meadows
Produced by: Dorsal Outdoors
Location: Louisiana, USA

Species: Redfish

Steve is an all-around Southern fly angler. He’s caught everything on the fly: smallies, largemouths, sunfish, and even gar. But, one fish eludes him— the crown of Southern saltwater— redfish.
The plan is simple: head down to an overwater camp deep in the Louisiana bayou and notch a thick piece of copper glory. But, as the BlueLine FlyCo guys are known for… shenanigans ensue.
Stories are the most powerful and meaningful way to communicate with one another. Over the past decade, we at Dorsal Outdoors have crossed jungles, storms, flats, and mountains, with maybe a few fish along the way. But most importantly, we have discovered stories worth sharing. That’s our obsession.

The great stories. Ones that hook you from the start. The narratives that stick with you long after the credits roll.
A harmonious lend of contrasts: relatable and inspiring. Edgy and wholesome. Ambitious and attainable. Those are the stories we’re excited about.

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